Christian Gabriel C.

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I have always been what most call a tech, troubleshooting/problem solving, solution offering type. I assume that, when this is a passion, and be a curious nature it is only natural to become good at it and always work on improving/progressing/advancing/perfecting.
The way I Started consulting for businesses and individuals out there was simply out of an impulse maybe more related to the tendency of correcting mistakes. IT might have been a bit due to “compulsive empathy”, but it really hurt me see friends buying a “nice computer” mostly due to the exterior appearance, or businesses going for infrastructures which were almost entirely NOT what they needed, being it because of their unguided choices or because they have been mis-sold into doing it.

I have often undertaken projects which would have normally been dealt with by a small team, but taking on any task in a block-by-block approach does assure success. Tight deadlines sometimes do require to take on certain tasks with a group contribution of additional team members. Efficient coordination in this situation is paramount. That lead to the idea some years ago to make me form a small group of like-minded IT individuals. I will not get much into details about that, as it tends to get people excited about an organizational ingenuity and originality they may not be used with. That is something I usually reserve for the existing clients.

One of the many things people have learned to appreciate in what I do is, that I am not bias to any particular brands being it software or hardware. You would be surprised, when it comes to being offered options (emails, databases, security, sharing of files, printers & other resources, etc) which may differ from what you would have initially expected and which will prove not only to be better suited to your circumstances but also save you a little fortune along the way.


Currently certified MCSE, MCSA, MCTS, MCP:
– Designing a Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory and Network Infrastructure
– Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory Infrastructure
– Planning, Implementing, Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server Network Infrastructure
– Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server Environment
– Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft® Windows® (ALL Client Versions)
– Exchange Server Configuration
Several other alternatives and extras to the ones above are available, being it Linux based or combinations of multiple brands.

Often existing Infrastructure clients, have requested side services related to their Web presence which lead to the necessity to get involved in web design/development & admin, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

Although I have undertaken a few short term projects abroad, I am currently focusing more on the national and local market, more specifically London. However, should I be presented with an interesting project somewhere at the end of the world, I would probably feel tempted.

Please note that due to heavy cold calling and extensive spamming, the portfolio will be currently kept on a password protected page and access will only be available on request. Thank you for your understanding.